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2013/14 MEAP SCORES!


6th grade

Social Studies:  29% last year vs. 48% this year…No less than remarkable!

Math:  31% last year vs. 45% this year…again, no less than remarkable!


Same cohort kids: Last year, current 6th grade students were in 5th grade and received a class score of 54% in Reading.  This year they got 76%!...a 22% increase for the same students in one year..

Last year, 6th graders got a 92% and good to “run with, and pass the big dogs in the county”  but these current 6th grade students improved even more…


5th Grade

Science:  Tripled the score from last year and ...the trend is strong and are the highest Science scores ever at Cole and basically tied East Lansing’s fourth graders in Science. (

Reading: Up 12% from last year.

Math:  Up 12%  from last year…and same cohort up 6%


4th grade

Reading: Same cohort kids up 17% from last year!


3rd grade:

Doesn’t really have a cohort group, but 3rd graders up 6% in math from last year’s third graders.


2012/13 MEAP SCORES!


6th Grade Reading Scores

Cole Academy - 92%

Okemos - 87%

Haslett - 85%

East Lansing - 85%


4th Grade Writing Scores

Cole Academy - 71%

Okemos - 67%

Haslett - 69%

East Lansing - 57%

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MDE Summer Meal News Release
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Interactive Whiteboards:

All classrooms are equipped with Polyvision Whiteboards.  This is an exciting teaching tool that will "revolutionize" the classroom.  Come see for yourself!

New & Improved Curriculum:

Art, PE and Health have all undergone major changes to be up-to-speed with the State of Michigan Common Core Standards and Grade Level Content Expectations.